Colonial Tiffin Curry

Colonial Tiffin Curry - In Raffle's Tradition

The Original:

Tiffin is an Anglo-Indian word for light lunch popularly used in India

by the British community to order "A Tiffin Curry Lunch".


This custom rapidly spread to the other far Eastern British

outposts and was served on Sundays at the clubs and at Raffle's.

We uphold tradition.


1st course:  Prawns (Genuine-taste)

2nd course:  Vegetables (Indian-taste)

3rd course:  Chicken (Fruity-taste)

4th course:  Lamb (Ceylon-taste)


white rice, Nasi Goreng and rice with asian spices


The sambals:

Lychees, bananas, pineapples, coconut, peanuts, chillis,

mango-chutney, ginger


from 12 persons upwards

per person € 44,00


Our Tiffin Curry consists of several courses of different

tastes form sweet to spicy and from aromatic to hot.

We serve different kinds of rice and chutneys.

Large scale garnitures are going with the menu.


If you want us to, we could present this Tiffin Curry in a buffet-style.

Beilagen Colonial Tiffin Curry

Beilagen Colonial Tiffin Curry